Sheyene Gerardi´s Welcome

Our children are growing up in an ever changing world and our education systems are having a hard time keeping pace, we believe the key to preparing children for the future is providing an education that balances core academics with strong creative skills.

I have been working with Sheyene School since 2007, providing quality after class programs to vulnerable children, and I feel that it has been one the greatest thing to happen in my life, not because the system works but because there are people within the system who are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that a child has everything he or she deserves. I am excited to lead Sheyene School into a new period of growth and awareness. We are an organization built on the values of compassion and community, values that, I believe, will make the pivotal difference in a child’s life. I would also like to acknowledge everyone involved in our team of volunteers for being there for me every step of the way. It is not the system that recreates a child’s life, but the people working within it.

Sheyene School is more than just an organization; it’s a beacon of hope.

I’m proof that there is hope.

Thank You All,

​​Sheyene Gerardi

​Founder & President


The Sheyene School is a non-profit organization, founded originally in Venezuela in 2007; it has expanded into multiple countries to enhance technological literacy in STEM related fields, by using robotics, to low-income children of all backgrounds, and ethnicity, in underdeveloped regions, since 2007. We work with children within 7 to 18 years old.


Our programs increases diversity in computer science by reaching students of all backgrounds where they are at their skill level, and in ways that inspire them to keep learning. 

From elementary school all the way to high school, our programs are designed specifically with a focus on diversity and recruitment of underrepresented students. Including low-resource communities or conflict areas such as rural schools, refugee camps, non-formal school systems, to ensure inclusion and to enhance global participation.


Our after class programs provide our students with the opportunity to experience new and exciting challenges. Whether they are curious about computers, or science, our programs apply to a diverse range of interests. Classes are led by our qualified staff  of volunteers and through partnerships programs. Programs run throughout the year.

Online Classes

At Sheyene School, we're harnessing the power of online education in new, innovative ways. Combining the newest research with proven teaching methodology, we're inspiring kids to take control of their classroom experience. Our School provides a stepping stone for our students to reach the future they envision. The Sheyene School offers more than 19 free courses to low-income children.

Coding and Programing

Programming and coding are some of the most essential skills of the digital age. We are teaching high-needs students programming and coding classes for kids and teens. We have a wonderful staff that's passionate about computer science, in small classes with a maximum of 10 students per instructor.

Art Classes

We are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of children through entertainment curriculum-based. With a 360-degree approach towards learning and reaching children, Sheyene School leverages the full spectrum to build knowledge, critical thinking, imagination and curiosity.