Sheyene Gerardi  is a Venezuelan actress and the founder of the Sheyene Institute. She chairs the Sheyene Gerardi Foundation, a nonprofit organization established to improving access to healthcare and education for underrepresented people. Sheyene was appointed by NASA CLASS as the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Outreach lead in 2018. Sheyene is member of the International Political Science Association (IPSA) and the Committee on Professional Ethics, Rights, and Freedoms. She is currently promoting technological literacy globally, working with NGOs, international and regional governments to introduce her program into low- resource communities, conflict areas, non-formal school systems and prison systems. Sheyene is stepping out as Executive Producer in entertainment productions for social change as part of her global educational initiative. 


Sheyene Gerardi Story So Far…

Sheyene was born in Caracas, the only child of a family of Italian and Brazilian descent. During the sixth month of her mother's pregnancy, Sheyene's biological father tragically died in a car accident. Her mother was both a veterinarian and the chair of a family-owned mining company located in southeastern Venezuela. Sheyene studied Medicine at the Universidad Central de Venezuela.  Prior to attending university, she represented her school in a mathematics and chemistry competitions, ranking at the highest levels. While pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor, she worked as a model part time and participated in the Miss Venezuela Pageant. Due to a mass opposition protest plunging the university into turmoil Sheyene’s school year was prematurely ended. Around that time, a prominent TV producer discovered Sheyene leading to starring roles in highly rated prime time soap operas broadcast internationally. Productions such as “Camaleona” and “Mujer con pantalones” further paved the way to international renown. Sheyene is known for her work in more than 30 countries, including Russia, Azerbaijan, Germany, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Puerto Rico, airing over several different time periods with record overseas sales. Sheyene´s entertainment productions have been affiliated with Telemundo, NBC's Spanish-language network, broadcasting over cable or DTH systems (DirecTV Latin America), translated and dubbed into more than 15 languages, breaking audience records both inside and outside of Venezuela. Sheyene has won several awards, such as the 2 de Oro, Meridiano de Oro and the Imagen award; the actress has also adds stellar credits in her role as a TV host in international prime time shows.


During a family trip, her mother and stepfather were killed in an automobile accident, leaving Sheyene with no living relatives. A year after losing her family, she received a diagnosis of advanced stage 4 lymphoma, a very rare type of cancer with only 60 cases reported worldwide and no survivors. The cancer had spread through 85% of her body, and doctors gave her only 3 months to live. Sheyene was treated in Florida in the United States by Dr. Humberto Caldera, suffering no hair loss and maintaining a healthy appearance. She was never completely disconnected from the entertainment industry. During her chemotherapy treatment Sheyene starred in two films in Mexico. Sheyene underwent three years of chemotherapy and she is now completely free of cancer and considered cured by science. After becoming the only survivor of a rare type of cancer, she started a telemedicine program that allows physicians and healthcare professionals to provide patient care, consultation, counseling and research, via the Internet, email, and even via telephone, targeting primarily people with rare diseases. 


Sheyene holds a degree in Art; she studied at the RCTV Acting Academy, in Venezuela and recognized institutions such as the University Carlos III of Madrid and Sotheby’s Institute. She earned a master’s-level certificate in Space Resource Utilization offered by NASA’s Center for Lunar and Asteroid Surface Science (CLASS). Sheyene is member of The International Political Science Association (IPSA) and the Committee on Professional Ethics, Rights, and Freedoms. She is member of the American Political Science Association (APSA) and the Association Française de Science Politique.


Sheyene`s family has owned and operated mining business in Venezuela, since 1954. Sheyene Gerardi serves as CEO of the company after her parents suddenly passed away. She is keenly interested in implementing autonomous mining technology as part of its drive towards robotics under its 2020 work program. 

Her plan to accelerate human expansion into space and broadening the ownership of space industry resulted in an invitation to join planetary scientists from NASA’s CLASS as the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Outreach lead in 2018. She founded the Sheyene Institute, an aerospace company that works on technologies to develop resources on the Moon, Mars and for free space asteroids, also known as “space resources”.


After becoming heavily involved with NASA, Sheyene’s concern for the plight of the economically disadvantaged had crystallized. A social justice goal of the Sheyene institute is to address is to address concerns that the exponential expansion of space industry will create deep economic and political disparity in the coming century. As a direct response, Sheyene Institute has a sister non-profit branch called Sheyene School to address technological literacy in STEM related fields, by using robotics education in concert with robotics competitions along with jobs placement and entrepreneurial support. In partnership with non-governmental entities, international and regional governments, the organization has reached over 10 countries across South America, Middle East and Europe. The program is also serving prison systems, providing assistance with education to ease the process for reentry to society for people who have been wrongfully convicted.


Making her show business careers more well-rounded, Sheyene is stepping out as Executive Producer in entertainment productions for social change, including movies, books and TV shows, as part of an ambitious global educational initiative that Sheyene is developing outside the confines of entertainment. On March 2020, Sheyene returned to the TV dial hosting and producing "To the moon and back with Sheyene Gerardi". Throughout this series, Sheyene Gerardi goes behind the scenes to uncover leading-edge technological developments taking place across a number of industries. “To the moon and back with Sheyene Gerardi” is available through Cable in more than 100 countries. On April 2020, Sheyene enrolled in the University of Naples Federico II to acquire a degree in Political science and she is attending a Monte Carlo simulation program offered by Stanford University.