Poetry remains close and embellishes everything.

Life is an adventure, a journey towards self-discovery, falling in love of danger, tuning the heart with the void. The diversity opens my mind and heart. In the beginning everything was about confusion, darkness, spider webs which I kept moving aside until I finally arrived to that infinite space full of light and pure air. Around the road I have found signs, which indicate me that the time has arrived to live life to the fullest and embrace it fiercely. Now I know the different aspects of truth and the marvelous certainty of beautiful lies. Now the pain and the happiness of everyone are mine. Now I feel as the main character of this eternal story. At last I feel my body mellow down and this I owe to the fierce dance of my spirit… Wherever I go I am always surrounded by my essence. Poetry remains close and embellishes everything. Since I feel like I am part of the universe everything has turned into a song. I am happy and that means that I have cut the umbilical cord. This is why miracles come easy to me, why words are clear and happiness revolves around me. I have turned my life into art! It is only when we have seen the immensity of it all and its totality that we can eliminate destruction from our minds and our past from our blood. We should be driven to see reality, which is what finally awakens the human being. (I think reality and consciousness are one and the same thing, and those who have it are only the ones who want to have it). We should no longer stay enclosed in ourselves. Instead, we should nurture and enrich ourselves with what surrounds us, so we no longer feel afraid to eliminate the differences.