Life can be tricky baby... stay in your magic!

We live in a hyperrealist culture with illusory matrixes of social hierarchies, imposed by preconceptions, by the languages in which we speak, by our cultural operating system… I don't think that what we are really seeking is a meaning for life... I think what we are seeking is an experience of feeling alive. That's what it's all about.

This thing up here, this consciousness, thinks it's running the shop. There is no separateness. Aren’t all realities “virtual”?. Our world is already a construction, a personalized myth, in which we simultaneously create and perceive the world… It means, all realities have been colored, all of them are virtual.

Perhaps, what is exciting about virtual reality is that is rejoin us to the ancients, by enabling us to recognize in this whole universe a reflection magnified of our own most inward nature… connecting us with feelings of deep presences, the pathway back into the sacred now, the shattering of the forms and of our attachment to the forms, stretching our mental models, forcing us to accommodate our self to new possibilities.