I make sure I create a new space for the better human being that I want to be.

I control my time in order to take hold of my own walking through life. I live my own pace, not the pace of rushing or the pace of slowness that surround me. Each passing moment I learn to be with myself, to stop and take it in, because one of the problems of human beings is they can’t stand still. There is nothing like looking at events from our own time frame; and it is self destructive to forget your own space and time in order to live those of others. Nothing compares to the fluidity of present time. Since the past is long gone and the future never will be, the present is the one reality we can count on. By living through my own time I found healing to my sickness. I’ve lived a healthy life since the moment I decided to focus only on the things that captivate me and to do what I love, and that finally reflects who I am. For me life is this exact moment, this sunset and that flower.

The concept we have formed of the events that happened in time depends more on the impact they made on us than on the events themselves. We tend to make them bigger than what they really were, meaning we are dominated by assumptions. We remember what we hate, recall what made us feel bad and long for what should have been and not for what actually was. Nothing is finished. In fact, everything is about to begin. We can always start over because every moment is a good one. We possess a transcendental intelligence that is beyond the probable. We are continually going through an evolving and changing natural process. We are capable of moving on to new levels of knowledge in an expanding, infinite spiral. The future of the world depends on how much each one of us dares to discover how to be a more ethical and responsible human being willing to take care of his or her own humanity. This will help us gain a more transcendent perspective, which will enable others to achieve the same through the one and only person that lives within each one of us. Hunger, war, ignorance and misfortune will then finally vanish from the face of the Earth. I make sure I create a new space for the better human being that I want to be. I define my life. I stop the automatic mode of responding and reacting as if it was an effect, because I already know that we are cause. I take charge of the circumstances of my life and find all of the answers in me, because I find myself stimulated to get to know myself and define my greatest challenge. If I dare to venture and revisit my childhood, when I had dreams and visions, I also find myself capable of venturing to the time when I had the capability of quitting or letting go because nothing mattered or was worth enough to hold on to. If I achieve this, life will be a game, a party that will rely on the intensity by which it is lived with and not on the results.People that have a torn head usually think they lose against one team and win against the other, they refuse to understand they are part of the universe, they are important and infinite.

Justice lies in the harmony between unequal beings.