Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

Nov 2022

Hi, everybody. I want to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.

There is so much going on in the world, whether it’s war or pandemic or injustice or rising prices or anything else, that it can feel like we are being crushed under all of these worries. While all of those crazy things were happening in the big world, I was seeing non-stop kindness in my own little world; this is an amazing moment for me. 

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for lots of stuff. 

First and foremost, I'm just happy to be alive, since my existence could have easily ended long ago; I am THANKFUL every second of every day that I get to spend with people I LOVE!

I am thankful for the opportunities gained from meeting each and every one of you (friend and strangers) who has touched my life and I am especially thankful for having freedom to roam the earth and live out my dreams. 

Professionally, I am profoundly grateful every day for the opportunity to work alongside an incredible team, who give me the best of their knowledge, energy and enthusiasm. I have learned and grown so much in just under a year. I couldn't do it without you guys! This year, our company became solutions provider to the National Nuclear Security Administration, and, we have been selected by the Department of Energy as team partner to carry out research and development in Connected and Autonomous Vehicle. This is the American dream… I am living the American dream. 

I am grateful for almost 16 years with my Foundation and the wonderful team and staff I partner with across the organization. When I look back on my career lens in social services, I feel really happy and emotionally full. It is a privilege to be able to work on causes that I care about deeply and to have the opportunity to help people and make a difference in their life, especially the most vulnerable. It is a privilege to work with Sheyene School and the daily life lessons I learn from them is very humbling. We will continue improving our program because we have a great team. There is a ripple effect that begins when one student falls in love with computers, because a school like Sheyene School gives them the chance to explore their passions. 

Today, I give thanks for those blessings, and to all who ensured that they would be our inheritance. Thanks to so many who came before me, thanks to their toil and sweat and blood, I’ve been able to live that promise myself. 

The promise of America is big enough. It’s big enough for everyone to succeed.  Every generation opening the door of opportunity just a little wider.  Every generation, including those who had been excluded before. So many men and women in every area of life, in government, in the private sector, have been led with the light of your love and radiant example. Individual dignity, individual worth, individual determination — that’s America. 

I am thankful for the brave men and women who defend freedom in every corner of the world. THANK YOU for always putting your best foot forward to make a difference!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.