This is a box of tools... to live, to build new games, improve or adjust old ones. Create; always create, because in the variation of color, in diversity, lies the duration of the party; in the constant transformation of life, in multidirectional acts you can find happiness. For example, when I got fed up of my town I decided to get on a plain that would take me to see the world, the speedy rivers, the tumultuous cities, the red, blue and black seas, different types of music, from Sartre to Whitman, from Henry Moore´s stones to Dali’s swans. This means that since I got on that plane, everything became so much bigger. Years later, when I got fed up from doing things to please others, I started the fight of all fights motivated by buddhists: the fight to not fight, which gave me a hard time since it isn’t easy to shove yourself to the side, the stampede that hovers over you pushes you and forces you into the battlefield even if you don’t want to play. Suddenly you find yourself in the middle of a public demonstration or in the line of a bank, in some sort of headquarters or trapped in an office. But at the end I made it: there is no longer anything capable of distracting me from life, that’s why I can live with everybody.