The vertigo of reality

I love life, that’s my real weakness. I love it so much. I had lived creating my own fairytale, but I've had good reason for doing so, because happiness imply a choice, and within that choice an allied desire, a lucid will, which consists for the most part in giving all to the present. It is an experience worth lived through, a point of departure… my code of morals, perhaps.

I always return to the subject of human responsibility, which seems incapable of keeping pace with progress and preventing it from turning against the human species. A clear conscience hasn't been enough. Nothing is enough. Our thoughts are much according to our own ambitions and inclination, our judgment, according to our culture and injected opinions, based on the illogical literalization of metaphorical aspects of our respective doctrines, but our actions are after as we have been accustomed. The essential duty in the rising era must be a radical change of our sense of responsibility.

I'm going to tell you a great secret, baby, don't wait for the "last judgment"… It happens every day.