I had a dream, seeing my mother happy…

I’m from nowhere, I was always from nowhere, my thing was always an accident, a beautiful accident at the end of the day. It began as an unpleasant accident, mainly for my mother. She found out she was pregnant after 4 months, she didn’t plan it, I was an accident… Two months later my father died in a car accident and my mother ended up alone with a daughter. When I was nine, I found a library, by accident, and my life was filled with paintings, cathedrals, symphonies, the Stonehenge, Rublev's icon of the Trinity, Poems of Neruda and even Sartre... creativity dazzled me, the diversity, I discovered art. One day by accident, I got a job at a television network, a producer saw me and legalized my craft, and since then until now, tens of countries to which I have the good fortune to enter in many homes every day. I think I’m the summary of all that.

I always suspected that the world was wonderful because of its diversity. It is assumed that the goal is happiness, happiness is an acquisition, not because I did well at my business I am happy, or because I have this or that. First I wanted to make my mother happy, but I realized that what made her happy was seeing me happy, and that changed everything. Now I am at peace, which is a higher state than happiness.

Age, I would say, is like those old wines, that lose in graduation but gain in perfume.