Emotions and personal convictions

We live in an era in which it's risky for the standard citizen to remain ignorant about global warming, machine learning, artificial intelligence, automated manufacturing, supercomputers, space stations, going to Mars and so on.

I have an inclination toward understanding the capability of the technological evolution from scalable infrastructure to solutions, in its all unexpected altering of human behaviors and prospects. We live in two realities at the same time; we have all the bad news attracting all the attention, making us feel that things are getting worse and worse… But, inextricably intertwined, we have all the scientific, technological and social progress, constantly savaged by those “realistic-analyst" society's intellectuals; their busy, rational, skeptical and often opinionated brain, is duller and more confined than nature intended. If we could think of death without panicky, it would only mean that the world was no place for us. With the industrial revolution we transcended the limits of our bodies, with the technological revolution we are transcending the limits of our minds, technology has become the condensation of human imagination and the sky's the limit in our capacity to engender our dreams.

There are no things, there are only interfering and non-interfering patterns operative in pure principle, and principles are eternal, principles never contradict principles. These are the synergistic rules that evolution is employing and trying to make clear to us.