NASA confirms the discovery of a cosmic object so bright that it defies laws of physics. Well, in fact it doesn’t defy the limit of physics but proves that Eddington was inaccurate in defining maximum luminosity. This is the beauty of science; we expand our ability to investigate how the universe works by observation. There are no eternal facts, nor are there any absolute truths. 

Because for thousands of years we have been looking at the world with moral, aesthetic and religious claims, with blind inclination, passion or fear, and have indulged ourselves fully in the bad habits of illogical thought, this world has gradually become so strangely frightful, profound, soulful; it has acquired color, but we have been the painters. Even now, we believe fundamentally that all feelings and actions are acts of free will; we assume each feeling, each change, to be something isolated, that is, something unconditioned, without a context. 

Judging by the miserable behavior of the people, it is clear enough, assuming, as I do, that in error, in the worst, we are all the same. I have seen poverty compromise ideals, dignity, independence, and wealth fatten and sicken and rot the weak who believed in their mediocre powers. The idea of hell and the soldiers of the lords stopped all attempts at protest; for that reason, the town was filled with self-justified cowards because of the little idea they had of modesty, that is, misunderstood prudence. Because of them, money began to be an end and not a means; that is why in our days the rich are more appreciated than the intelligent and the good. One of the most valued things is resignation, which ends up stinking everything up. 

Questions about "love life" I don't ask nor accept. If "God bless America" is plagiarism, "May America be blessed by God" is plagiarism with premeditation and malice. I am not a hypnotist, but even less a hypnotized, I gang my own gait and have never belonged to a club, my country or my home; it was and it will be impossible to massify me! The vain and the sacred live in me, as the rats coexisted with Saint Francis and the flowers with Herod. I am not sorry for anything nor am I afraid of anyone (perhaps unconsciously), and I have accomplished the feat of living for and for what I love. Just as Democritus applied the concepts of above and below to infinite space, I no longer have as strong interest in the purely theoretical problem of the "thing in itself" and its "appearance”.

I know people who prefer the great saga of society; static with pharaoh headdress, like sphinxes from the Middle Ages sprouting the wombs of women. They are all tamed; they can be seen in the schedules, the ties and even in the organized vacations; society is divided between the flock and the shepherd, and man is reduced to being a money-producing object, in exchange for anxiety, degeneration, cancer, obesity, pandemias, virality, a bike and television... among other rubbish. The rich kept the money of the poor and no longer have anyone to sell it to, meanwhile we try to change governments; it never occurred to anyone to change the people. 

The specter of racism looms large in the narrative of the United States, however, they still ignore that the battle for racial justice, lies not in dismantling Jim Crow laws but to dismantling the barriers that confine Black children within educational ghettos.

In those countries where they have most nationalistic ideas, they tend to come into blatant contradiction since in most societies population movements, both immigration and emigration, are constant throughout history and, going back very few generations, the majority of the population is an immigrant in the territory in which they live, except in some very rare cases of indigenous populations that could date back to longer historical periods but who were, necessarily and initially, non-native migrants. That only shows how short people’s memories are in political affairs, and the need for literacy tests.

My political ideal runs as follows: the State is made for man, which means a social system, which ensures that all individuals are provided with goods of primary necessity. I also believe that political recidivists should be banned. 

One more observation to finish up with. The importance of securing international peace. In the early ages of the world, according to the scripture chronology, there were no kings; the consequence of which was there were no wars. We are wasting gigantic sums, sums far greater than we have ever wasted before, on preparations for war; like I said, we can read the story in different ways, but the destiny of civilized humanity depends more than ever on the moral forces it is capable of generating.

Every decision you make, every-decision, is not a decision about what to do. It's a decision about who you are.