Approaching to death, among other things...

In our culture we have lost the wisdom of dying without noise and fuss as forest animals … We complicate everything.

And here comes the religious subject... I do not know if I’m religious… I guess for many people it is important to believe, is likely to have faith helps them die in peace… When the question arises… Do I believe or not? I also wonder, how do i believe? Maybe I believe… I believe in nature… I do not believe in the religious vision that places man at the center of all things… then I have my doubts… From the point of view of the universal concert, that a man’s life is worth more than an ant… Hmmm is debatable. I like living things. It delights me to see a society that has great and endless opportunities, who has lived too long with the fear of change, very nostalgic, conservative and believing that what they have should keep it at all costs, rather than fight to transform it.

Because it will only remain over time what has been transformed.

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