The Tactical Surveillance Robot is our best selling tactical solution. It is a perfect balance of size, speed, weight, and maneuverability. It is small enough to be deployed by one person yet big enough to easily navigate rough terrain and ascend stairs. The Bulldog was also qualified during a series of NIST tests.

The removable multi-axis arm makes this robot the most versatile tool for remote surveillance, clearing rooms, and removing suspicious packages. The arm can quickly be added/removed for different missions and clearance requirements.

With the arm removed it can drive under low clearance obstacles such as cars and beds. With the arm installed, it can open doors, move and inspect suspicious packages, etc. Protective storage and transport crates are also available.



Hostage and hazardous surveillance
Remote room clearing & opening doors Remote manipulation & surveillance
Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) & HAZMAT


 Basic Package

LT2-F tracked robot with

  • 4-Axis removable arm

  • LT2-F tracked robot with IR nose tilt camera

    and rear flipper/stabilizer arms

    Tactical OCU

  • High power 2.4Ghz radio

  • Tablet display capable of recording video

    and audio



Standard Package

LT2-F tracked robot with

  • 5-Axis removable arm

  • Removable 30X zoom 360° pan-tilt camera

  • High intensity LED lights

  • Gripper and rear IR camera

  • 2-way audio between remote and robot Tactical OCU (same as basic package)



Advanced Package

LT2-F Standard package with these additional features

  • 6-Axis removable arm

  • Tactical laser/spotlight on pan-tilt system

  • Foam-lined shipping and transport case Tactical OCU with Standard Package and these additional features

  • Tablet screen increase to 12”

  • Video processing – Provides split-screens and

    quad-camera views

  • Kinematic model of robot with collision




We accept purchase orders from Schools, robotics competitions, Colleges, Universities and Government Agencies. Please contact us for inquiries.

Tactical Surveillance Robot LT2-F with Arm