This a prebuilt robot based on the Programmable Mecanum Wheel Vectoring Robot - IG32 DM. The robot is fully assembled, tested and is ready to run. 


This robot kit includes the CNC cut 4WD base intended for our IG32 gear motors and Nexus Mecanum wheels or omni directional wheels. The chassis is cut on CNC plasma table and bent on CNC break press. It's made of 3/32" thick Aluminum. It is designed so all our planetary IG32 and IG32P gear motors with or without encoders. It is NOT intended for our right angle IG32 gear motors. This robot platform is specifically designed for direct driving with Nexus omni or mecanum wheels and hubs. 


The wheeled robot comes already configured with RoboClaw Velocity Control set up and assembled. With this feature, you can achieve better performance out of the robot. With Velocity Control enabled the robot can drive straighter and you could do more precise movements. 


  • IG32 Mecanum Vectoring Robot Chassis.
  • All the electrical connectors, wires, etc. and hardware needed to get you started.
  • Arduino Uno R3.
  • 5V, 500ma Regulator.
  • Mecanum wheels and hubs. (Qty 4 ea).
  • IG32P 24VDC 075 RPM Gear Motor with Encoder . (Qty 4).
  • RoboClaw 2x7A Motor Controller (Qty 2). Two motors per controller.
  • Encoder Pull-up Board (Qty 4).
  • FLYSKY FS-i6 Remote Control
  • Interstate 12 Volt 8 Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery (SLA).(Qty 2)
  • Automatic 24V 2A Lead Acid Battery Charger .
  • Assembled, tested and ready to ship.
  • Specifications of this configuration:
    • Drive Method: Direct drive.
    • Axle Mount: Direct mount (DM) - the axles are direct mounted directly to to motor output shaft.
    • Speed: 77 ft/min (with 75 RPM motors and 4" wheels).
    • Dimensions (LxWxH): 15.4 x 13.4 x 4 inches (wheel height, without batteries).
    • Weight: Approximately 13lbs.
    • Capacity: Payload of approximately 15 lbs. (smooth floor).


We have a comprehensive line of Arduino shields that can be added to this platform for additional functionality to extend the functionality of this robot. We accept purchase orders from Schools, robotics competitions, Colleges, Universities and Government Agencies. Please contact us for inquiries.

Programmable Mecanum Wheel Vectoring Robot