This Sheyene Gerardi´s Signature Collection lingerie series focuses on functional lingerie, featuring sweat absorption, quick drying, breathability, flexibility and so on.


Innovative, feminine, minimalistic. The pleasantly soft cotton contour material, make this set an extra-comfortable, must-have item.


Intelligent Biomedical Lingerie:


Smart thermostat fiber originates from the concept of NASA’s design and development for landing on the moon. Astronauts need to wear protective clothing to defend against drastic changes in the ambient temperature when they walk out of the spacecraft.


The intelligent temperature-regulating fiber is coated with phase change material by microcapsule PCM technology to realize the bidirectional temperature adjustment function. At the same time, it has excellent humidity control function, quick dry and breathable feature, and the PCM microcapsules in the fiber will not be worn or washed away, and the physical effect is lasting. During the wearing and washing process, the microcapsules are gradually broken due to friction, and the phase change material is released to achieve the effect of intelligent temperature regulation. In brief, it keeps you warmth when you are cold. Keeping Cool when you’re hot.


Main material: 82% polyamide, 18% elastane.

Gusset: 100% cotton.





Rose tan.



Sheyene Gerardi Hi-tech Super soft Set

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