Following a tradition that dates back to the time of the Florentine court of the de’ Medici dynasty in 8th century, to the much appreciated Japanese approach to food and to life; respect for ingredients, respect for one's surroundings, reverence and purity, encapsulate the essence of our opulent gems.


Our fermented Ginger Syrup is crafted with traditional techniques from ancient diets in the Japanese laboratory, using only fresh, carefully selected and uniquely balanced regional and seasonal ingredients from around the world. Fermented plant extract has provided vitality and exceptional health benefits to those in the know for over 2000 years. 


Presented in an easily digestable liquid form, the Fermented Ginger Syrup has countless health benefits, ideal for adding to your daily routine.


Proved to improve overall health, recommended use:

•Improve circulation

•Anti-allergy, anti aging. 

•Metabolism (inflammation, high cholesterol, blood pressure, weight loss)

•Improves brain function

•Gastrointestinal distress


Fermentation process:

All the ingredients are extracted separately, without any artificial heating, any water nor additives.



Biogenics: Food ingredients which beneficially affect the host.


Main Function:

Biological adjustment: Brain function, appetite & absorption, metabolism.

Biological defense: Inhibits bacterial resistance mechanisms in pathogens, stimulates circulation, and reduces the toxicity of endotoxins and pollutants. It dilates blood vessels and increases circulation. It has antiviral properties and healing effects on skin and hair, especially for women, our studies showed that ginger increased body temperature in women just ten minutes after consumption.


Fermented Ginger Syrup

  • Ginger extract , Yuzu Extract, GEMS Feremented Plant Extract.

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