Robotic car Platform Metal Stainless Steel 2DW Motor 9V.  1 pair Driving wheels and 5 pairs carrying wheels. A variety of circuit mounting holes, compatible with all kinds of controller, sensor modules, robot arm, camera and other electronic parts. Loads up to 5kg.


Double dc gear motors provide a strong driving force, Degree of climbing: 57°.


Car Body Material: Aluminum   

Bearing Wheel: Engineering plastic    

Driving Wheel: Aluminum Alloy

Tracks: Engineering plastic

Size: 300*230*124mm (L * W * H)    

Working Voltage: 12V    

Motor Speed: 160r/min

Degree of climbing: 30°

Weight: about 1.2KG     

Working Carrying Capacity: 5Kg


We accept purchase orders from Schools, robotic competitions, Colleges, Universities and Government Agencies. Please contact us for inquiries.

Robot Chassis - School Set