This programmable prebuilt autonomous robot can be controlled via a Gamepad or used as an autonomous robot. Equipped with an ODROID-XU4 running Ubuntu 16.04, it allows for quick and easy changes to the firmware and provides the most flexible platform possible. The Programmable robot can be controlled wirelessly over its own WiFi router. 


The Asus 3-In-1 Wireless Router can also be configured as a bridge and by doing so allows it to be an extension. This gives extended range and the option to control the robot from anywhere in the world with an internet connection if you configure port forwarding.

The open chassis and platform design allows for unsurpassed flexibility for your needs, research, and/or design project. This allows for quick and easy addition and replacement of sensors and controls.

The MarvelMind Indoor Positioning System (IPS) allows indoor autonomous navigation by providing the robot with a global coordinate frame.


This is a prebuilt programmable WiFi Indoor Positioning System (IPS) Robot that has all the main features to get you going. Ready to ship, fully assembled and programmed - ready to run.


If you require further customization, please contact us.


  • Chassis: MLT-JR Tracked Robot Platform
  • Motor: IG32P 24VDC 075 RPM Gear Motor with Encoders
  • Motor Controller: RoboteQ SDC2160 - 2x20A 60V Motor Controller with Encoder Input
  • OCU: Logitech USB GamePad Controller
  • Battery: 2 x LiPo Battery 11.1V 2200 mAh
  • Battery Charger: B3 Pro Compact 2S-3S Lipo Balance Battery Charger
  • GPS: MarvelMind IPS - Indoor Navigation Positioning System Starter Kit
  • Software: MarvelMind Dashboard for IPS system
  • Single-Board Computer: ODROID-XU4
  • Wireless Router: ASUS 3-In-1 Wireless Router
  • Voltage Regulator: 5V and 12V Voltage Regulators
  • USB hub: Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub
  • Professional Assembly: The entire robot comes assembled, configured, tested, and supported by our professionally trained staff here in NC.



  • Fully Flexible Robotics platform - Specifically designed to provide the most flexible platform possible for research and development projects. The open chassis and platform allows for quick and easy component replacement and additions to suit your needs.
  • Autonomous Development - Thanks to the versatility and strength of Ubuntu, the robot is perfect for developing and testing your own autonomous robotics algorithms. Ubuntu also allows the programmer to run ROS, thus making autonomous robot projects easier to work on.
  • University Design Projects - The functionality of the platform makes it perfectly suited for design and testing of your own control systems, algorithms and sensor arrays.


We accept purchase orders from robotics competitions teams, Schools, Colleges, Universities and Government Agencies. Please contact us for inquiries.

Autonomous Programmable IPS Tracked Robot