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Sheyene Institute works on technologies to develop resources on the Moon, Mars and for free space asteroids, known as “space resources”. We conduct applied research and development using technology readiness levels (TRLs) in Autonomous Navigation Technologies (ANTs). Each project is selected for their potential experimental and theoretical synergy with one other, in order to build, expand and pioneer the future in scientific discovery, space exploration and aeronautics research.




Our concept of operations relies on a swarm robotics ecology that consists of several species of small bots, working together to perform the mining process end-to-end with minimum human intervention. The key to enabling this architecture is the development of a task-agnostic machine learning framework applicable to any number of industrial tasks.


Examples of their use include manufacturing, transportation (air-traffic management, air transport, self-driving vehicles, and electric cars), energy (smart grids), space (on-orbit inspection and repair, mining), agriculture, healthcare (prosthetics, rehabilitation, surgery), marine environments, public safety (emergency response, hazardous material handling, bomb disposal), and consumer products (household robots).


As a direct response to the rising concern related to people’s ability to remain competitive in underdeveloped regions and to enhance global participation, Sheyene Institute has a sister non-profit branch called Sheyene School to address technological literacy in STEM related fields, by using robotics education in concert with robotics competitions along with jobs placement and entrepreneurial support. In partnership with non-governmental entities, international and regional governments, the organization has reached over 10 countries across South America, Middle East and Europe. The program is also serving prison systems, providing assistance with education to ease the process for reentry to society for people who have been wrongfully convicted, meeting the major goal of preparing individuals to be active and engaged contributors to a modern society and workforce for an automated future.


We currently do not have plans to commercialize UFO, which is currently a research platform for us to explore some of the most difficult challenges in robotics mobility and control. 


Babylon Mini and Luna are available for sale via our shop page up to two robots. For larger orders, our sales team would like to speak with you to better explore how our robots can help you. We offer academic discount for accredited educational institutions.​ Sheyene Gerardi Foundation has financing programs to support education in partner institutions globally. Contact us for the eligibility criteria for each program and access relevant documents to prepare applications.


Sheyene Institute´s success depends on the vibrant ecosystem of innovation within which the Agency operates, and is fueled by partners in multiple sectors. We have international collaborative partnerships with world-leading technology brands and research universities, with more than 300 application scenarios.


Sheyene Institute and its products are wholly own by Sheyene Gerardi Family Office and we do not accept outside investments. However, we have a robotics product line available for sale for commercial, industrial, enterprise and university research uses. Contact our sales department for details.


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